Students and Faculty members showed their solidarity to protect the Environment and create a Cleaner and Greener Campus by turning out in large numbers to participate in the Tree Plantation drive organized by GITS and the NCC wing of the college.

GITS Director, Dr. Vikas Misra, beckoned the GITSians to contribute towards protecting the environment and said that “Tree plantation is a harbinger of prosperity. Plants eliminate the pollution and are beneficial for the health, too. Our motive is not just to plant the saplings but rear and nurture them as well. The number of saplings planted is immaterial, what matters the most is to pay meticulous attention for their nurture, protection and growth.” 

Trees play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store large quantities of carbon in their tissues.

Finance Controller, Mr. B.L. Jangir that “Trees are essential for life and without trees human would not exist on this beautiful planet. Due to the unprecedented cutting of trees, the whole ecological balance has been disturbed, we all should pledge to plant at least 5 Trees and personally motivated the students for lending helping hand in saving the environment by tree plantation.”

Dr. P K Jain – Director MBA, Vice Principal Dr P C Bapna, Dean Student Affair – Prof. Rajeev Mathur were present during the drive, Whole –hearted participation of the Deans, HoDs and all faculty, staff and students of GITS, who pledged their commitment to create awareness about conservation of nature, especially trees and lakes.

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