Curricular Aspects

The institute follows the academic regulations of the affiliating university. Internally, institute frames well-structured plan and implementation strategies for curriculum delivery. A ‘Teacher’s Record Book (TRB)’ is prepared for every course containing day wise topics to be taught, additional topics, expert’s lectures, objectives and outcome of each course along-with the continuous internal assessments. The institute prepares its academic calendar on the guidelines of the calendar provided by affiliating university. The teachers are involved in question paper setting and evaluation of the university examination answer scripts and even some teachers had been on the Academic council/BOS of the affiliating university and contributed in curriculum design. Institute organizes add-on certificate programs regularly which are attended by most of the students. Additionally, students have the option to complete NPTEL courses during their graduation to earn extra credits and get a degree with Honors by completing 20 such extra credits. The university has introduced the CBCS in all UG programmes and the system of electives is available in every program run by the institute.

The university syllabus has linkages to the socio cultural and cross cutting issues by offering compulsory papers on Universal Human Values (UHV), Cyber Security, Environmental engineering, etc. The institute understands its social responsibility and extended helping hand towards the downtrodden and marginalized community groups, particularly gender based and human values. All the students compulsorily undertake field study. The institution has adopted structured & well defined feedback system from students, alumni, employer, parents and staff, which is reviewed regularly and action taken, reported to the management and placed on website.

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Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry