GITS Central Library is the hub for information services in the campus and serves as a major learning and resource center. It is a creative and innovative partner in supporting the teaching, learning, scholarship and research activities of the institute.

Library occupies a place of pride at GITS and is an essential component of the institute’s outstanding research and education mission. Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the Institute’s academic, research and training programmers, the Library was set-up as one of the key divisions of the Geetanjali Institute of technical Studeis. It is a most lively place on the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, and promotes discovery and scholarship. With a sitting capacity of over 200 students, the library has a ready stock of books journals, magazines and newsletter from all over the world, replete with all kinds of support activities, like photocopying, audio-visual rooms, electronic media section, book bank and linkage with various reputed libraries in India.

The collection in the library encompasses around 46,000 books varying in subjects like Engineering, Management,Computer Applications, Basic Science & Humanities and also includes reference books, CD-ROMs, VCDs, DVDs and e-resources.

A separate Digital Knowledge Centre has been established in order to enable the users to browse the e-journals, e-learning materials, digital library collections of this campus and other online journals. This facility is available in the intranet of this campus.

Facilities Offered at the Central Library

More than 9,000 Reference and Text Books

High Speed Internet Connectivity

DELNET facility promotes sharing of resources among the libraries by developing a network of libraries, by collecting, storing and disseminating information and by offering computerized services to the users and develop specialized bibliographic database of books, serials and non-book materials

Subscriptions of 65 National, International and E-journal Database is available

Multimedia PCs in the library

Photocopying facilities

Online Facilities Offered at the Central Library

Access Millions of Networked Library Resources through DELNET – Click Here to Login
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J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 12,962 Publishers. Click Here to Login
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Admission Enquiry