The modern aesthetically designed hostels at GITS give the resident students a feeling of comfort and ambience of home.The College has separate girls and boys hostel facility. The Hostel have excellent standard of living with round-the clock availability of basic facility .The hostel rooms are spacious well ventilated and well organized. All Hostels are Wi-Fi Enabled.

Ragging in any form is prohibited inside or outside the campus and any student caught indulged in such an activity would be severely punished.

Staff Quarters: The facility of staff quarters features an 2 BHK independent flats in the central courtyard. Each residential floor also have spaces dedicated to individual or group activity. We really tried to be creative and innovative for the residents themselves, the way the building is set up and functions, its look, its feel, again, all of which relates to the ultimate experience.

Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry