Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs

Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investivator Year of Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of the project Name of the Funding Agency
Design and Prototype development of intelligent Controls for Matrix Converter interfaced Grid connected Wind Energy Conversion System Dr. Monika Vardia 2019 2,40,000 1 year RTU(ATU) TEQIP-III
Wash Lab Dr. Manish Varma 2018-20 20,00000 lacs 2 Year NIUA &USAID
Sustainable Permeable Concrete Paver Blocks Dr. Manish Varma 2017-18 0.5 lacs 6 Month IEI
Marketing Stretegy for Pacific Exports Dr. P.K. Jain Jan’2019-Jun’2020 6.75 1Year and 6 Months Pacific Industry
Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry