Director’s IQAC Message


Dr. Sudhakar Jindal

Employability of Indian Engineering Graduates has been a great Challenge before the nation. In a study it is observed that there is a widespread dissatisfaction with the current graduates – 64% of employers hiring fresh engineering graduates are only somewhat satisfied with the quality of the new hires or worse.

To beat the heat, we at GITS are committed to improve quality of engineering education and increase learning outcomes of engineering and management education graduates. With clear vision, mission, goals, and adopting strategic planning, we work for continuous improvement by dynamic adjustment of teaching learning process based on measured attainment of program outcomes. The Outcome based education provided by GITS is student centered instruction that focuses on measuring student performance i.e. outcomes, which includes- knowledge, skills and attitudes. With a focus on improving higher-order thinking skills, we are committed to prepare global engineers who will be able to solve problems and shoulder challenges which are not even known today

Recognizing our commitments and continuous efforts, Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies (GITS), Udaipur has been ranked 1st in Southern Rajasthan by Rajasthan Technical University as per Quality Index Value Ranking and ranked 5th in Rajasthan State by GHRDC-CSR for quality education. I convey my appreciation for the faculty, students, management and all stakeholders for their inputs and diligence to make this institute a leader in the area of professional education.

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Admission Enquiry