Library Committee

Terms of reference:

To monitor library activities, procurement of books and frame library rules.

The committee will ensure that the library is augmented with relevant reference books and other literary material annually as per the mandate of regulatory body. The committee will consist of the faculty members and the students, the librarian of the institution will act as the Secretary of the committee.

The functions of the library committee:

  • The committee will identify, plan and process the procurement of reference books and other literary materials.
  • The committee will procure and consider the recommendation of the faculty and the students for procurement of the books and other material.
  • The committee will also do annual verification & audit of the library and report to the Principal.
  • The committee will review the list of journals and process the payment of the subscription for the journals required as per regulatory body’s guidelines.
  • The Committee will plan the development of online learning facilities for the students through the material available on open sources, NAD, NAPTEL etc.
  • The library committee will meet at least once in a year.
Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry