Institutional Values and Best Practices

The institute sensitizes its students towards gender equity and fair treatment during the induction/orientation programs every year. The women empowerment cell looks after gender issues and supporting the girl students. The rest rooms & common rooms for the girls have been provided with adequate security measures.

Implementing green policy for power, water saving & harvesting and waste disposal; the institute has installed 200 KW solar roof top grid connected system, more than 13000 litre capacity of solar water heater, 6 cub.m. biogas plant for bio-degradable waste and proper water harvesting by channelizing run-off into the pond in vicinity. Other wastes are also taken care appropriately. The Green Audit of the campus has been conducted. For disabled, special arrangements are made for mobility, in wash rooms and a lift has been installed.

To maintain communal harmony and cultural tolerance among the staff and students- festivals, talks on religious issues, sharing sentiments, constitutional provisions on rights & duties to the nation & society are regular activities conducted. These also form the part of Code of conduct, Ethics and Social Responsibility. The national festivals and programmes such as independence and republic day, swachhata, yoga day, Engineers day, etc. are regularly organized. The institution has identified two best practices every year.

Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry