Governance, Leadership and Management

The institute management is continuously working in tune with the vision of providing quality education in engineering and management. The quality conscious attitude and close monitoring brings in improved delivery of faculty and performance of students. The stakeholders are actively encouraged to participate and voice their perspectives for effective decision making & policy formulation. The Institute is committed for continual improvement in its performance for student’s highest satisfaction. For day to day working, following the principles of participatory management, powers are delegated to various incharges and documented in policy document of the institution. For strategic planning, the institute has prepared the Perspective Plan 2018-28 and is following the same. A mid-plan audit and review has been done recently.

The Annual Appraisal system is in place as per the HR policy.  Training programmes are also conducted for non-teaching staff. The Director is academic & administrative head enjoying full administrative & financial powers. The institution has conducted several FDPs, Annual National Conference, STTP and all the teachers have attended these courses internally or organized by other institutions.

Regular internal and external financial audits are conducts as provided in Act of the Registration of Societies. The Institution has successfully mobilized funds from various non-governmental bodies as well, which included industries for extending consultancy services, TCS by providing the facilities for conduct of examinations, etc. The fee collected is utilized for academic & administrative activities.

The IQAC is active and has contributed significantly for institutionalizing the Quality Assurance Strategies and processes in academics. It reviews and takes corrective measures for effective delivery of learning processes.

Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry