Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Dabok celebrated International Yoga Day by organizing a special Yoga session in which the students, faculties and HOD’s along with the Director performed various ‘asanas’. The main aim was to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness and yoga among the students and faculties.

In the present day when students face stress, tension, fear, etc., simple asanas can help dispel these. All were taught various asanas such as Tadasana, Trikonasana, Padahastasana, Kati Chakrasana, Vrikshasana, Shashakasana, Bhujangasana, Ushtrasana, Ardhachakrasana, Bhadrasana, Vajrasana, Wakrasana, Makarasana, Shalabhasana, Setubandhasana, Uttanpadasana, Ardhahalasana, Pawanmuktasana, Swasasana Nadi Shodhan, Kapal Bhati and Bhramari, Anulom Vilom and Shitali Pranayam.

Institute Director Dr. Prof. Vikas Misra said that Yoga provides mental and physical strength to people. It enables us to live a healthy life. Thus, he urged the Students to practice Yoga which will help create overall harmony of body and mind.

Institute finance controller Mr. B.L Jangir said “Yoga is essential for inner and physical growth. It enhances the mental and physical well-being.” He also motivated the students to make Yoga an important part of their daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

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Admission Enquiry