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The humans have evolved a lot since the Stone Age. The thirst for exploration has given us the comfortable life what we live today. Ever since the human started thinking, the growth has been tremendous as every exploration opened up new possibilities. But these did not happen without any shortfalls. Research is a process where the human exploration may lead to both successful and unsuccessful results. The successful ones may give us a product but the unsuccessful ones would actually give a more refined process.

          The advancements in technology have made the people in the developing countries to use the technology comfortably rather than building one on their own. Since the requirements of the developing countries like us are very different from that of developed ones, our scientists and engineers should design and develop products indigenously such that they can address the needs of our own people. In spite of having top notch engineering institutes in this country, we have hardly developed any great products on our own.  If India has to become a technological leader in the world, then it should be self sufficient in catering the basic needs of its very own people through technology. This can only be achieved through quality engineering education that stress mainly on addressing the social issues through technology and innovation.


The Research and Development Cell (RDC) at GITS aims at fostering research culture in the college by encouraging the students and faculty members to focus on the emerging technologies in their respective domains. It also promotes conducting research in multi-disciplinary fields that has its impact on variety of real world applications. The RDC is an inherent part of GITS that channelizes the research activities, records and regulates academic, sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy works done by the members of all departments. We at RDC motivate our students and the faculty members to move ahead from theoretical knowledge to development of products/solutions with the help of the infrastructure and technological support that we have at GITS.


To create a good environment for the students and faculties members to conduct research.

To promote research activities as a part of curriculum and enable learning through reasoning.

To motivate the faculty members and students to publish and present their research findings in various national/international journals and conferences.

To allow the faculty members to attend workshops, training programs, etc. to get hands on experience on the technological advancements.

To establish links with industries, institutes and R&D organizations for creating the facilities to conduct the research activities in diversified fields.

To set a platform for our faculty and students to collaborate with researchers across the world and contribute to the development of products/solutions.


Motivated faculty members who excel in their domain of interest through research publications and guide the students better.

A dedicated centre of excellence that enables GITS to be the front runner in specialized domains for technological demonstration and consultancy

The concept of research embodied into curriculum through applied learning.

Students become entrepreneurs through their own startups and develop products through the incubation facility at GITS.

Good relationship with industries that could help our students in getting placed in top companies.

Good relationship with institutes that gives our students the chance to pursue their higher studies.

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Admission Enquiry