Dissertations Awarded

M.Tech Dissertations Awarded

M.Tech   Awarded   (Jan 2013 – Dec 2013)

S.No. Name of Student Roll No. Title Name Of Supervisor
1 Kiran P Singh 10EGIDC602 Design of front end RF receiver and its various planar components Mr. Anurag Paliwal


M.Tech  Awarded  (Jan 2014 – Dec 2014)

S.No. Name of Student Roll No. Title Name Of Supervisor
2 Naveen Kumar Jain 10EGIDC605 Simulation to minimize the dispersion of borosilicate crown glass fiber with unequal core diameter Mr. Anurag Paliwal
3    Abhishek Acharya 10EGIDC601 Design & Analysis of micro strip patch antenna for ultra wide band application with band notch characteristics Mr. Vijendra Kumar maurya
4 Priti Sao 10EGIDC608 Throughput enhancement for cell edge uses in a wireless cellular networks Mr. Vijendra Kumar Maurya
5 Suman Jain 10EGIDC609 Wireless Sensor networks implementation using miwi wireless protocol stack Mr. M.Sabir
6 Rainy Chaplot 11EGIDC609 Design of reconfiguration FIR filter using novel window for on-chip network with low power consumption and delay reduction. Mr. Anurag Paliwal
7 Lovejeet Singh Jagpal 11EGIDC603 Design of low cost energy efficient communication module for smart energy management in Indian context Mr. Anurag Paliwal
8 Kucheriya Meghna 10EGIDC603 Design a Microw Strip Patch antenna Mr. Vijendra Kumar Maurya


M.Tech  Awarded  (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015)

S.No. Name of Student Roll No. Title Name Of Supervisor
9 Mosin M Memon 10EGIDC604 Analytical study of micro strip patch antenna and impact of materials on its performance. Mr. Anurag Paliwal
10 Shuchi Agarwal 12EGIDC608 Design of microstrip phased array antenna using integrated array feeder network Mr. M. Sabir
11 Ginni Jain 13EGIVL603 Implementation of an efficient MCML square root carry select adder for low power applications Mr. Vijendra Kumar Maurya
12 Keerti Vyas 13EGIVL606 Designing of compressors using MOS current MODE logic (MCML) with a concept of sleep transistor. Mr. Vijendra Kumar Maurya
13 Prachi Devpura 13EGIVL608 Mux-Based implementation of high throughput BEC1 based pipelined vedic MAC with HAN CARLSON accumlator Mr. Anurag Paliwal
14 Shikha Sharma 13EGIVL610 Design of high speed power efficient vedic multipliers with Mc CMOS techniques in 45nm Technology Mr. Anurag Paliwal
15 Nidhi Kaushik 11EGIDC604 Power and Delay efficient implementation of linear convolution circuit using Vedic multiplier for different technologies Mr. Anurag Paliwal
16 Akanksha Goswami 13EGIVL601 CMOS Implementation of Low power high performance fast fourier transform using 45nm technology Prof. Rajeev Mathur
17 Jubin Jain 13EGIVL605 Design and analysis of various components of pacemaker for biomedical engineering Mr. Vijendra Kumar Maurya
18 Tanvi Parikh 12EGIDC609 To Enhancement the performance of OCDM using DCS & FCC codes with direct detection techniques at optiwave simulation Mr. Anurag Paliwal

M.Tech Awarded (Jan 2016 – September 2016)

S.No. Name of Student Roll No. Title Name Of Supervisor
19 Bhagya Shri Sharma 13EGIDC601 Design & Analysis of antenna array in terms of Correlation Coefficient for wireless Communication Prof.Rajeev Mathur
20 Mitesh Patel 12EGIDC604 Analysis of different diversity combining techniques with MIMO system in wireless Communication Mr. Anurag Paliwal
21 Krina Batwani 13EGIDC604 Detection of some feature in a face image using digital image processing Mr. M Sabir
22 Kiran Rathore 13EGIDC603 Borosilicate crown glass honeycomb photonic crystal fiber for minimizing the chromatic dispersion Mr. Anurag Paliwal
23 Sonam Parikh 13EGIDC608 Design of tri-band antenna for mobile communication. Prof. Rajeev Mathur
24 Harshita Dadhich 14EGIVL600 On Solar charge pump Mr. Vijendra Kumar Maurya
25 Ankita Kabra 13EGIDC600 Analysis of Mix DCF Dispersion Compensation Technique with FCC and PN sequence using Optisystem Mr. Anurag Paliwal

M.Tech Awarded (Jan 2017 –  Till now)

S.No. Name of Student Roll No. Title Name Of Supervisor
26 Hareeta Amit Malani 14EGIDC601 Image fusion using modified Curvelet Transform Mr. Anurag Paliwal
27 Payal Jain 13EGIDC605 A novel Multiband antenna design for wireless Communication Prof. Rajeev Mathur
Sr. No Name of Student Title of Dissertation Supervisor Batch Year of Passing
1 Ovesh Seth Energy Enhancement And Performance Sarika Khandelwal 2011-12 2015
2 Preeti Saraswat Evaluation Of LAEEBA Routing Protocol in WBAN Sarika Khandelwal 2013-14 2015
3 Bharti Suvalka Using NS-2 Sarika Khandelwal 2013-14 2015
4 Swati Gupta Window To Consumer Mind :Understanding the Cognitive Decision Making Behaviour of Human Hemant Sahu 2013-14 2015
5 Annu Agrawal Brain Through Facial Expressions Ajay Kumar Sharma 2013-14 2016
6 Chauhan Vikram Singh Minimization Of Processing Time Using Enhanced Sarika Khandelwal 2012-13 2016
7 Akansha Singh Security Threats and Solutions in Cloud Computing Manish Tiwari 2013-14 2016
8 Anuradha Goswami Performance Enhancement of Colored and Gray Scale Image Steganography Using Block Level DWT DCT Transformation Sarika Khandelwal 2012-13 2017
9 Mamta Sharma Image Fusion on Colored and Gray Scale Multi Focus Image Using Hybrid DWT-DCT Sarika Khandelwal 2012-13 2017
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